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Promote education and sports programs

Ages 3 - 19

Mo-Energee promotes Education and Sports Programs that have had a profound impact on our youth and communities. Mo-Energee has enriched the lives of our youth and contributed to the overall well-being and development of the community.

Youth workforce placement

Ages 14 - 17

Mo-Energee Youth Workforce Placement empowers our youth and helps them secure meaningful employment opportunities. Mo-Energee empowers young people to achieve economic independence, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of their communities.

Reading programs

All Ages

Mo-Energee’s reading program serves several important purposes, all aimed at promoting literacy skills and fostering a love for reading. Enhancing Academic Performance, Building Confidence, Critical Thinking, Expanding Vocabulary, Cultivating Social Skills, and supporting Cultural Awareness and Empathy are some of the purposes.   Overall, the program plays a huge part in equipping our children with the literacy skills and enthusiasm for reading that are essential for success in school LIFE.


Ages 3 - 17
  • Pee Wee Sports
  • Valley Heat Volleyball Club
  • Skyline National Basketball Team
  • Fitness & Wellness Training
  • Sports Physicals
  • Sports Combines

Youth Sports Camps

Ages 3 - 17

Mo -Energee youth sports camps are structured programs designed to provide children and teenagers with opportunities to learn and develop athletic skills in a specific sport or multiple sports. Camps are typically organized during school breaks or summer vacations and are supervised by coaches, trainers, and sometimes professional athletes. Activities Often Include: Skill drills, scrimmages, conditioning exercises, and sometimes educational sessions on topics such as nutrition, sportsmanship, and injury prevention. Primary Goals: To promote physical activity, skill development, teamwork, and a love for sports in young participants.

Community Service

All Ages
  • HBCU Tours
  • Garden Program
  • Back To School Drives
  • Toy Drives
  • Turkey Drives
  • Golf Tourney (Fundraiser)
  • Casino Night (Fundraiser)
  • Elegant Night (Oscar Night Fundraiser)
  • Celebrity Softball / Basketball Game
  • Corn Hole tourney
  • MO Kids Campaign (Jan – end of March)


All Ages
  • Life Skills (WYGD)
  • Drug & Alcohol Program
  • Mo Reading Program
  • Horse Therapy Program
  • Work Force Placement
  • Behavior Health Program (FYIS)
  • The Real World Program (Jr.)


All Ages
  • TV / Film (Cottonfield Productions)
  • Music Program
  • LINGO Steam
  • Chess Club
  • Dance/Cheer Program

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