Where youth develop strong character traits, improve Self-esteem, Self-confidence, and Physical Activity …

Pee Wee Sports

Ages 03 - 10

Pee Wee Sports will teach the basic fundamentals and techniques of several sports, within the program. The program will help to develop strong character traits, improve Self-esteem, Self-confidence, and Physical Activity. It will also promote diversity and emphasize making new healthy friendships. More importantly the program is all about HAVING FUN, in a learning environment. The ages start as young as 3 years old and go up to 10 years old.

Valley Heat Volleyball Club of Arizona

Ages 14 - 17

Valley Heat Volleyball Club of Arizona is under the umbrella of Mo Energee Youth Foundation that offers the finest volleyball experiences to all student athletes no matter financial circumstances or level of play. Valley Heat will provide current skill-based instruction, strategical offensive and defensive systems, the courage of leadership, and team development. Valley Heat is dedicated to providing all levels of competition and designed programs that address all families in the areas of commitment level, varied interests in level of play, transition to all levels of post-secondary opportunities, and budget. Valley Heat believes in being responsive, open, and communicative to all members of the club including all parents, student athletes, and future opportunities. Valley Heat Volleyball Club will be for both (Indoor and Beach(sand) volleyball).

Skyline National Basketball Team

All Ages

Mo-Energee was CO-Founder of the Skyline National Basketball Team. Student/Athletes come from all over the country including Mexico and Canada to play for the program. 2023-2024 season will be it’s 3rd year of existence, and Skyline National staff has a 98% of student/athletes getting a college scholarship.

Fitness & Wellness Training: Fitness

Ages 3 - 17

Mo-Energee provides our youth with a regular physical exercise routine and healthy nutritional plan. Wellness: Mo-Energee helps develop our youth’s full capacity to engage in positive behaviors, to nurture their well-being, and blossom into productive adults

Sports Physicals

Ages 3 - 17

Mo-Energee does Sports Physicals 2 or 3x’s a year for the Valley’s youth. The exam helps to tell if it’s safe for the student / athlete to participate in their sport.

Sports Combines

Ages 13 & Up

Mo-Energee Sports Combines is for High School and College student/athletes to test their athletic skills including speed, power, strength, and ability to identify the top players for the sport. This data helps get student/athletes scholarships to college and also professional contracts in their respective sport.

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